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Round the World
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Leg 1 Plymouth-Nassau
Leg 2 Nassau-Honolulu
Leg 3 Honolulu-Hong Kong
Leg 4 Hong Kong- Seychelles
Leg 5 Seychelles-Salvador
Leg 6 Salvador-Plymouth
Leg 6 White Marlin

Who in their right mind would give up the security of a job and land for the risks of ocean racing?

I did! (Whether I am sane is a different matter!)

Here you can browse through stories and pictures to appreciate the experience.

Some what, why, who and when questions?

bulletWhat was Clipper '98/99 Round the World Yacht Race?

Seven 60' ocean yachts racing round the globe from Plymouth in the U.K. The race started 17. October 1998 and finished 35,000 nautical miles later on 18. August 1999. The yachts had a professional skipper with the rest of the crew mostly amateur sailors like myself. Maximum capacity onboard was 15 people living in cramped quarters with no luxuries! I was on Taeping, yacht #1, the other yachts were: Ariel #2; Thermopylae #3; Mermerus #4; Serica #5; Antiope #6; and, Chrysolite #7. The boats have been re-christened, Taeping was called Plymouth for the third Round the World Yacht Race.  Their official web-site is  clipper-ventures.com.

bulletWhy sail in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race?

If you love adventure, competition, challenge and nature you have my answer. In the vein of previous Norwegian explorers like the Vikings and Thor Heyerdahl, there is a strong desire to explore and test the unknown. A dose of the competitive spirit is needed as it is truly a race of global proportions. Challenges come in many shapes. Physical and emotional stamina is tested to the limit and for some beyond. Sailing with a spinnaker at night in a light gale through thousands of unlit fishing boats in the Straits of Taiwan is one challenge, mending critical equipment with no spares another. Magic moments were many, desperate moments few, both have had a profound impact on who I am.  This is not a pleasure cruise, it is a life-time adventure.

bulletWho took part on Taeping?
Leg Crew Members
Circumnavigators Nicholas ("Nick") Fleming, Skipper, England

Patrice Baten, Belgium

Haakon Bjørum, Norway

John ("Bunge") Burnett, England

Helen Froggatt, England, on Chrysolite to Hong Kong

Stephen ("Steve") Hughes, Scotland

Tim Richmond, Scotland, injured, evacuated to Johnston Island, off Hawaii

1 - 3: Plymouth, U.K. to Hong Kong Clifford ("Cliff") Allen, England
1 - 2, 6: Plymouth to Honolulu and Salvador, Brasil to Plymouth Charlotte Winser, England
1: Plymouth, U.K. to Nassau, Bahamas and Horta, Azores to Plymouth John Graham, Scotland

Steve Robinson, England

1A: Plymouth, U.K. to Madeira, Portugal Yomi Ayeni, BBC photographer

Nigel Barden, BBC journalist

1: Plymouth, U.K. to Nassau, Bahamas Gareth Venning, England, leg 6 on Serica!
2 - 4: Nassau to Victoria, Seychelles James Tree, England
2: Nassau to Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Kevin Doolan, England

Tom Harvey, England

Bozer Yigit, Turkey

Monica Yunnie, England

3: Honolulu to Hong Kong Mary Fitzakerly, England

Paul Stapleforth, England, doctor from Serica joined Taeping to attend to Tim Richmond's injury.

Anthony ("Tony") Wilson, England

4 - 5: Hong Kong to Salvador, Brasil Victoria ("Vicky") Hibbert, England
4: Hong Kong to Victoria, Seychelles Diarmuid ("Mud") Foley, Ireland

Mark Ridgwell, England

Alan Vaughan, England

Ralph Ward, England

5: Victoria to Salvador, Brasil Fiona Jones, England

Stephen Wright, England

Catherine ("Kate") Woolner, England

Graeme Yell, England

5A-B: Victoria to Cape Town, South Africa Masahito ("Yama") Yamamoto, Japan
6. Salvador to Plymouth Tim Robinson, England

Greg Thomas, England


bulletOur itinerary?
From To Departure (Race start, GMT) Arrival (Taeping finish, GMT) Distance (log, nautical miles)
Plymouth, U.K. Funchal, Madeira 17/10/98, 11:00:00 27/10/98, 16:05:04 1,335
Funchal San Salvador, Bahamas 31/10/98, 10:30:00 23/11/98, 17:53:10 3.472
San Salvador Nassau, Bahamas 24/11/98, 15:00 25/11/98, 18:00 196, motorsail, not racing
Nassau Havana, Cuba 28/11/98. 16:25 1/12/98, 01:03 453
Havana Colon, Panama 5/12/98, 10:00 13/12/98, 08:57 & 10:06!! 950
Colon Balboa, Panama 15/12/98, 20:30 16/12/98, 11:00 45
Balboa Puerto Ayora, Galapagos 17/12/98, 16:35 25/12/98, 09:30 1,049
Puerto Ayora Honolulu, U.S.A. 29/12/98, 03:30 race 19:05  20/1/99, 17:06:15 3,675
Honolulu Johnston Atoll, U.S.A. 1/2/99, 04:00 Stop race 5/2/99, 14:30 Arrive 7/2/99, 23:45 1,220
Johnston Atoll Yokohama, Japan Depart 9/2/99, 19:25 Commence race 11/2/99, 04:13 Stop race 1/3/99, 07:30 Arrive 2/3/99, 05:00 3,315
Yokohama Shanghai, China 2/3/99, 18:00 11/3/99, 06:30 1,173
Shanghai Hong Kong 15/3/99, 03:10 20/3/99, 18:44 970
Hong Kong Singapore Depart 1/4/99, 03:30 Commence race 1/4/99, 07:05 Stop race 9/4/99, 17:00 Arrive 12/4/99, 21:00 1,785
Singapore Merak, Indonesia 18/4/99, 08:50 21/4/99, 14:00 507, motorsail, not racing
Merak Victoria, Seychelles Depart 22/4/99, 10:00 Commence race 23/4/99, 08:35 Stop race 10/5/99, 03:30 Arrive 10/5/99, 05:00 3,066
Victoria Durban, South Africa Depart 18/5/99, 06:55 Commence race 18/5/99, 10:00 1/6/99, 14:00 2,231
Durban Cape Town, South Africa Depart 7/6/99, 08:00 Commence race 7/6/99, 11:00 13/6/99, 08:20:15 817
Cape Town Salvador, Brasil Depart 19/6/99, 08:00 Commence race 19/6/99, 09:40 11/7/99, 08:25:10 3,489
Salvador Horta, Azores 17/7/99, 14:10 5/8/99, 14:27 3,117
Horta Plymouth, U.K. Depart 11/8/99, 13:45 Commence race 13/8/99, 10:17 18/8/99, 07:55 1,179
Sum       34,047

The actual distance travelled is in excess of the log because of favourable prevailing ocean currents, the actual distance covered was between 35,000 and 37,000 nautical miles.

bulletOverall, Taeping finished fifth of seven boats.  The winner by a large margin was Ariel.  Taeping's performance was adversely affected by the accident to Tim Richmond off Johnston Atoll, but the team showed improving form as the race progressed.


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