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Leg 6 White Marlin
Leg 1 Plymouth-Nassau Leg 2 Nassau-Honolulu Leg 3 Honolulu-Hong Kong Leg 4 Hong Kong- Seychelles Leg 5 Seychelles-Salvador Leg 6 Salvador-Plymouth Leg 6 White Marlin Diary


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Catching_White_Marlin_120899.jpg (30964 bytes)        Catching_White_Marlin_2_120899.jpg (35899 bytes)        Catching_White_Marlin_3_120899.jpg (43543 bytes)        Catching_White_Marlin_4_120899.jpg (54039 bytes)        White_Marlin_in_cockpit_120899.jpg (43894 bytes)

Haakon - you got something on the line - it's huge!  No kidding, this thing is a monster.

White_Marlin_in_cockpit_3_120899.jpg (37825 bytes)        White_Marlin_in_cockpit_4_120899.jpg (43291 bytes)        Cleaning_White_Marlin_2_120899.jpg (40846 bytes)        White_marlin_not_sailfish.jpg (31066 bytes)        middag.jpg (28734 bytes)

60 kg White Marlin caught on hand line off the Azores, 12th August 1999, enough to feed the whole Clipper fleet, 80 people, with delicious food.


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