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Leg 3 Honolulu-Hong Kong
Leg 1 Plymouth-Nassau Leg 2 Nassau-Honolulu Leg 3 Honolulu-Hong Kong Leg 4 Hong Kong- Seychelles Leg 5 Seychelles-Salvador Leg 6 Salvador-Plymouth Leg 6 White Marlin Diary


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Leg 3:  Honolulu (Hawaii) - Johnston Atoll (U.S.A. Pacific territory, evacuation) - Yokohama (Japan) - Shanghai (China) - Hong Kong (China)

Waipio Valley, north-east Big Island Hawaii, 26. January 1999, magic country, volcanic, raw.

Waipio Valley 26.1.99.jpg (683102 bytes)

Mauna Kea at sunset, 27. January 1999, 4.205 metres. Just had a blizzard, snowboarders were out, while surfers were doing the beaches.

Summit of Mauna Kea.jpg (610991 bytes)

Mauna Kea observatory. The air is extremely clear at this altitude, no city lights nor pollution to impede the view of the heavens, and its cold.

Full moon over Mauna KeaR.JPG (103485 bytes)

Many pictures of the race from Plymouth to Shanghai were lost due to theft in Shanghai.

Our reception at Johnston Atoll was friendly and guarded. Military personnel with Humvees greeted us at the pier, checked the yacht for suspicious items before letting medics attend to Tim Richmond.

Johnston Island Humvee.jpg (23050 bytes)

Commanding officers at Johnston Atoll wish us safe passage to Yokohama. We were extremely grateful for their hospitality (I'm in the red shirt).

TAEPIN15.JPG (120501 bytes)

Cliff Allen demonstrating his cartoon skills. Also a great stargazer.

Cliff and his cartoon skills.jpg (59831 bytes)

Racing into Japan mid-Winter is usually windy, Taeping eventually had to withdraw from the race to Yokohama to make it in time for the start of the next race to Shanghai.

Storm on way to Yokohama.jpg (35434 bytes)

Stephen Hughes calming his nerves on watch - fag anyone.

Faganyone.jpg (156802 bytes)

Arrived in Yokohama 2. March 05:00 GMT after one month at sea. Started race to Shanghai 2. March 18:00 GMT, after ten blissful hours ashore. Taeping had a great start, unfortunately a spinnaker wrap off Southern Japan put paid to our chances of winning.

Taeping leading Ariel and Thermopylae start Yokohama.jpg (25504 bytes) 

Howling storm (force 10) off southern tip of Japan. Spinnaker had wrapped around the forestay like a bow-tie, then the real winds arrived, with the spinnaker still catching wind, we were reaching for a sheltered cove at the southern tip of Kyushu.

Storm on the way to Shanghai.jpg (19971 bytes)    John Burnett in Force 10 off Southern Japan.jpg (100691 bytes)

Circumnavigator Patrice Baten gets a taste of winter in Shanghai.

Patrice cold in Shanghai.jpg (71584 bytes)

Following two poor finishes, the crew of Taeping had a pep-talk and came out blazing. The racing to Hong Kong was exhilirating and dangerous, with full spinnaker dodging hundreds of unlit fishing vessels at night. Our perseverance paid off and we gained a silver pennant.


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