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Leg 2 Nassau-Honolulu
Leg 1 Plymouth-Nassau Leg 2 Nassau-Honolulu Leg 3 Honolulu-Hong Kong Leg 4 Hong Kong- Seychelles Leg 5 Seychelles-Salvador Leg 6 Salvador-Plymouth Leg 6 White Marlin Diary


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Leg 2:  Nassau (Bahamas) - Havana (Cuba) - Colon (Panama, Atlantic) - Balboa (Panama, Pacific) - Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) - Honolulu (Hawaii)

Trimming the spinnaker, left to right Bozer Yigit, Stephen Hughes, Charlotte Winser, Tim Richmond (grinder), Kevin Doolan, Nick Fleming (skipper) at the helm, Monica Yunnie (trimmer), Patrice Baten (contemplating life).

Trimmingspinnaker2.jpg (316492 bytes)

Staring the Gulf Stream in the face from Nassau to Havana, slow going with strong head current.

Bowspray2.jpg (326232 bytes)

Scottish invasion of Havana.  Reception at the British Ambassador's residence, left-to-right Tim Richmond, Stephen Hughes, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, embassy official, Serica imposter, Nick Fleming (Skipper).

British Embassy reception with Sir Robin.jpg (648571 bytes)

Cuba Libre, party-time in Hemingway Marina, Havana.

Party time at Hemingway Marina.jpg (29486 bytes)

Scenic view of the cigar-growing region of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

ScenicviewCuba1.jpg (663759 bytes)

Couple getting married in Havana. 1957 Chevrolet still kicking after 40 years. These cars have a soul, their engines have nine lives.

Couplegettingmarried.jpg (618769 bytes)

Going through the Panama Canal at night, sharing locks with 50.000 ton boats compared with our 26 tons!

Haakon through Panama Canal.jpg (298343 bytes)

Skipper Nick Fleming doing duty as hair-dresser for Charlotte Winser, with hair-back guarantee if not satisfied. Father Christmas (alias Cliff Allen, alias Ernest Hemingway) has lost focus on the helm.

Charlottescrewcut.jpg (311936 bytes)

Christmas Party at sea, close to Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos 24/12/98. Father Christmas coming up the hatch.

Xmas party at sea.jpg (313137 bytes)

Here's evolution looking at you. Marine Iguana outside my doorstep in Galapagos.

Marine Iguana Galapagos.jpg (47175 bytes)

Living accomodations below, if pictures could smell you would faint!

Living accommodations on Taeping.jpg (311200 bytes)

My bunk for the first three months, followed by a similar one for another seven months. If someone you know complains about lack of creature comforts send them on a round-the-world yacht race.

My bunk on Taeping for three months.jpg (309407 bytes)

Surfs up. Tim Richmond helming towards Honolulu doing 12 knots, hull speed is 10.5! Shake, rattle and roll.

Doing 12 knots in the Pacific.jpg (318612 bytes)

Aloha at last in Honolulu Yacht Club. 

Taeping crew in Honolulu.jpg (35325 bytes)



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