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Holmenkollveien 120B
Frederik Stangs gt 31A Holmenkollveien 120B


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Apartment 1
Apartment 2

Rent an apartment with a view


Greater Oslo

Overlooking Oslo, with one of the best views, we offer two apartments for rent. Close to the forests surrounding Oslo and only 3 minutes from public transport. With Google Earth you can see the location from satellite, click the Placemark file Holmenkollveien 120b. Google Earth is available at http://earth.google.com.

  1. Apartment 1 - Newly renovated (2006) ground floor flat - 62 m2 - with adjoining heated garage - 23 m2.
  1. Apartment 2 - Renovated (2005) ground floor flat - 54 m2 - with possibility for parking.


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